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In order for our customers to select the FineMag from among available machines and for them to use them over the long-term with confidence, we believe it has been very important for us to have listened to their expectations and have answered them with high quality products and service.

Customers whom purchased and have used a FineMag for many years over their thoughts in an interview.
Please take the time to read about their valuable experience.

Customers working in Grinding Processing.

Troublesome and easy to forget maintenance.

At first, when we were using a ferrite magnet Magnetic Separator, because of periodic tank cleanings and coolant degradation, the work involved with coolant changeover and other maintenance was burdensome.
In around 2000, we were introduced to he forerunner to the FineMag, the SMK (Rare Earth) Series. The timing was very good and after using a demo unit, we ended up purchasing about 100 FineMags over the past 10 years or so.
More than anything, the result of purchasing these FineMags is that we are very satisfied with the sludge recover rate and squeezing performance. Exactly speaking, our recover rates are currently 3 times what they were before employing the FineMags. Also, material like carbon, etc. that are normally not recoverable are held by the magnetic sludge.......(Continue Here.

Maintenance Free, No Coolant Changeover in 7 Years.

In our ??? Factory from 1999 we decided to make our factory one in which our customers had confidence. This included making a dry flour, making our factory green, and working toward zero waste coolant. One part of doing this was to compare the squeeze performance of magnetic separators which was done during June 2004. So that testing conditions were similar, we tested the FineMag and the magnetic separators of other companies using the same grinding machine and tank volume. The result of the test was that we know use about 30 FineMags.

In addition, in our drive for more sustainability, we developed a grinding machine coolant cleaning device that incorporates the FineMag. The result is that coolant changeover has not been necessary in 7 years. As a stand-alone machine, the FineMag employs an optimal magnet arrangement ......(Continue Here.

A Standard Equipment FineMag.

At first, we were using a magnetic separator made by another company. In less than a year, the magnetic drum and rubber were wearing. It basically just became like an accessory, and we just figured this was all the capability we could expect from a magnetic separator. It was at that point that the FineMag was introduced to us by Sumitomo. I was skeptical at first but after using it on a trial basis, I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent results.

First of all, what surprised me how dry may hand was after squeezing the discharged sludge. Moreover, as the sludge is discharged over the entire width of the drum, the rollers do not wear and neither do the chain parts.
The trial period was for one year and we were able to confirm the fantastic results.......(Continue Here.

Customers working in Shaving Processing.

A Good Ally for Shaving Processing.

Our company currently uses 24 shaving machines.
In the beginning, we were using magnetic separators that were delivered at attachments.
In 2004, because a magnetic separator broke, Sumitomo replaced it with a FineMag. As it preformed beyond our expectations, we have changed over 20 of the separators to FineMags.
Especially after 2006 when the new model KS-4PX-1 that utilized the Magnetic Drum and Special Rubber Roller (P-Roller), the deoiling performance was fabulous.
In the past, our employees had to take the oily chips discharged from the magnetic separator and place them in a centrifugal deoiling machine which took about 1 hour per day. The oil-filled sludge was very heavy and the deoiling process resulted in a dirty and slick floor.
And of course the coolant in the tank soon disappeared and the need to refill the tank was frequent. Also, the coolant recovered from the de-oiling machine was polluted with grit and the pump and cutter were worn. .......(Continue Here.

Customers working in Cutting Processing.

Use the FineMag for casting cutting!

Previously, for machine center processing of casting, we used a drum filter conveyor.

In the case of cutting casting, because the chips were so fine and because they contained a lot of carbon, we were frequently having trouble with the plugging of high pressure pumps and nozzles. In addition, as the filter accuracy was poor, dirty coolant was being placed on the work which resulted in scratches that led to defects. In 2002, in our grinding machine factory, we thought we might be able to do something with magnetic separator we were using. We consulted with Sumitomo and they immediately set us up with a demo machines and we started testing.

The result after two months of testing was that the life of the cutting coolant doubled, .......(Continue Here.

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