Features of Each Series

  • You don't have a separator capable of maintaining long-term sludge recovery performance?
  • You don't have a maintenance free separator?
  • Stable performance is maintained over years of use due to a magnetic roller that has undergone a
    special hardening treatment.
  • An original magnet arrangement based on magnetic field analysis has increased the drum surface
    magnetism by 16% over our own previous equipment.
  • Using driven squeeze rollers, squeezing performance is improved.
  • Achievement of stable product quality & reduced tank cleaning.
  • Tired of dealing with deoiling?
  • Do you have problems with cutting chips embedded in rubber rollers?
  • Squeeze rollers wear, resulting is bumps.
  • Squeeze rollers wear, resulting is bumps.
  • Amount of oil adhering to chips is large.
  • Oil accumulates in the sludge box, resulting in an increase in replacement oil amount.
  • Because chips can not be wrung out, it is necessary to arrange more squeeze rollers.
  • Do you have a high ratio of defective products?
  • Problems with high pressure pumps or nozzles plugging?
  • Work is scratched.
  • Blade life is short.
  • Pump plugs often.
  • Tool holder wears considerably.
  • Nozzle plugs.
  • Poor product accuracy.
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