How do I go about selecting a magnetic separator?
1. Coolant Type: Water soluble or oil-based (in the case of oil based, what is the viscosity?)
2. Processing Flow: L/min.
3. Processing Equipment Type: Grinding Machine, Shaving Machine, Honing Machine, etc. (Depending on the type of processing, the chip shape changes.)
4. Work Material: Also please let us know if hardened or not.
5. Processing Volume: kg/min

To select a machine type, the above conditions are necessary.
What is the difference between rare earth and ferrite?
Rare earth magnets have 10 times the magnetic energy of ferrite magnets. They are appropriate for difficult magnetic material or fine sludge. In the case when a filter is used in the secondary filtering device, if rare earth magnets are used, consumption parts can be reduced considerably. Especially, in the case of oil-based coolant, rare earth magnets are required.
In what cases is it good to use a rare earth type?
When a large amount of sludge has accumulated inside the tank, or in the case of scratches or other damage on the products, rare earth magnets are recommended. Also, it is advantageous to use rare earth magnets with SK material, FC material, and hardened work that are difficult to attract with ferrite magnets. In the case of oil-based coolant, rare earth magnets are required.
Is it possible to use an oil based coolant?
Of course it can be used. However, please use rare earth type magnets.
What are the features of the FineMag?
1. Because the magnetic drum surface has undergone a special hardening processing, the drum does not scratch. ⇒ The initial cleanliness and squeezing performance is maintained long-term.
2. The squeeze rollers are force driven. ⇒ No slippage, and stable squeeze performance is achieved.
3. Magnet arrangement based on magnetic field analysis technology. ⇒ Based on a scientific magnet arrangement, a high level of cleanliness is kept.
Are their consumption parts? If so, what is their life?
Because the magnetic drum does not scratch, the lives of both the squeeze rollers and scraper plate is significantly lengthened.
However, in the long-term, the squeeze rollers, scraper plate, sprocket & chain unit should be considered consumption parts.
I would be using it for shaving processing. Will the rubber rolls go bad after a short time?
The chips from shaving processing have a different shape that those from grinding processing. Therefore, our magnetic separator designed especially for shaving processing should be used.
Is it possible to recover the sludge that is floating inside the tank?
We recommend our Fine Semiclo Unit to recover the floating scum. Please contact our sales office for more information.
Do you have a secondary filtering device that does not use filters or other consumption parts?
In regards to a filter type that has no consumption parts, we recommend a cyclone separator [Fine Cyclone] (The performance of a cyclone is determined by the roundness, surface roughness and length of the cone, which is the heart of the machine.
Do you have a coolant unit that does not collect chips in the tank?
Our Fine Semiclo Unit not only doesn't have chips collect in the tank, it also recovers floating scum.
The pump goes bad soon. Is there a reason for this?
There is probably a problem with the cleanliness of the coolant. Please contact our office to discuss in detail.
What merits are there to using the FineMag?
1. The water content of the discharged sludge is different. (Dry sludge.)
2. The cleanliness level is different.
3. Initial performance is maintained long-term.
4. Contributes to stable product accuracy and to the extended life of cutting tools.
Do you have experience processing the coolant from the cutting processes of machining centers?
Our FineMag is being used often as secondary processing for cutting processing of casting work in a machining center. Also, it is being used as secondary processing for gun drill and BTA processing, as well as filterless line filter. We recommend the KS Type for cutting chips.
Can it be used on a cleaning machine?
In the case of under 60℃, standard specification machines can be used. In the case when the temperature is hotter than that, a machine with high temperature specifications is necessary. However, depending on the cleaning fluid type, special specifications may be necessary. Please consult us for details.
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